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Target 84…

I’ve finished!

Well round one anyhow. T84 is off with Beta’s. I will tweak, edit, and rearrange once I have their feedback! Then off to the editor it goes!

Greta and Bent are coming to you oh so soon! Think of them as a belated holiday present!

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I made my sister eat a bumble bee once.
I locked her in a closet too.
I was a rotten older sister.

Shh…don’t tell my Mom.


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Sneak Peek Anyone?

Who’s curious about this Target 84 book??

Do you want a little teaser? A little snippet perhaps? Insight into Greta and Bentley?

Read on folks… there just might be something posted below…

*Subject to change * Unedited *

I cock my head to the side deep in thought.

His eyes bulge out of their sockets. Stertorous gasps expel from his mouth.


*****Hi! Want more?
Start asking for more and we’ll see just how much I can be convinced to post!

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Sometimes, I can’t type words fast enough. My brain bleeds them through my inadequate fingers. Other times, my stories come in a leisurely smolder.

It’s all there upstairs in my brain but refuses to come out eloquently for some time.

I have no control over this. It frustrates me, infuriates me and keeps me up at night, as if an entire novel is just sitting, stuck, on the tip of my tongue.

Bear with me while I dive into more books, sometimes, I can’t control the pace at which they develop.

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Sharing is Caring


So a good friend of mine has joined forces with another and created a new blog which thus far, is hilarious. You should definitely check it out.
It’s sassy in it’s down to earth truths and riddled with humor.

Time management blunders-check.

Weighty issues- check.