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The State of Things

I feel like it’s been forever since I just sat down and wrote something. I’ve been crazy busy trying to adjust to a new full time position that has left me very little time and/or motivation to sit and focus and write. I have two new works in progress but at this stage in the game I have no idea when I might really be able to dig into them!

Super secret project…aka Jezebel is in the hands or has been in the hands of many beta readers. Some new, some tried and true. The feedback thus far is great which is exciting for me since the writing style and flow of the book is very different from my norm! I anticipate being able to release it this summer and I really hope you all enjoy the mindfuck that it brings with it.


I wanted to take a moment and tell you all how much it means that you’ve enjoyed even just one of my books. With 8 live, it’s hard to keep up with promoting them all. I have some pretty fabulous fans who always share, comment, engage and spread the word on a regular basis.

Currently there is a blizzard happening outside. It’s wild and kind of amazing.


I hope you’ve all been alerted that Target 84 is live by now!

Also- I am picking one winner from each day a review is posted until the 30th- so read and review! You could win an amazon gift card peeps!

Hope you all are having a safe day today if you’re experiencing Snowpocolypse!!


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