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The Mistress List

So I’m in bed with some really amazing company…

I’m more than willing to share too!

Curious what’s got me all hot and bothered?

Here’s the list.

Quiet Lies- R.L. Griffin – This book will have your head twisting round and round wondering what the hell will happen next! It’s a delicious twisty story!

The Paper Swan- Leylah Attar – Holy smokes, the writing is beautiful, the story is deep and it hooked me from page one. Jump on this one folks. So freakin’ amazing. It’s brilliant so far- I can’t wait to finish it!

Maldeamores- Mara White –  Wow. I can’t even express how gorgeous the writing is. And I’m only 30% in…It’s amazing. The characters are deep. The back story is full and lush. This book is a must read.

120 Days- M. Stratton – Grab those tissues peeps. Then go and  grab another box. You will need it. Touching. Inspiring. THE FEELS.

Out of Time- Beth Flynn – I can not wait to start reading this. I loved Grizz. I want more. I loved Ginny and can’t wait to jump back in her head!

In other news, there is no power at my house which also means there is no water. Being dirty is kinda unfun when it’s outside the bedroom…

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