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The Mistress Answers

 I wanna see my friends more but my parents wont let me outside of the house, my friends are everything to me and the only thing i do all week is read and im kinda tired of reading. So how do i get my parents to allow me to see them?
First initial: A

Dear A,

I don’t have much to go on here… the way I see it there are two scenario’s

  1. Your parents are very strict.
  2. Your parents don’t like your friends.

Let’s discuss 1 first.
Strict parenting seems like the end of the world when you are a teenager living in their house. I know. My mom was affectionately referred to as the ‘Nazi’ because I had to be home by 8pm on school night- until I graduated. And lemme tell you something- I was 18 already when I graduated. Non of my friends had ridiculous curfews and it was rough dude. ROUGH.
However, have your parents had a chance to meet your friends? Sometimes, it’s best to introduce them all. If you can’t go out- maybe they can come over. Building trust is a big deal for parents.

Now let’s look at #2.
Do you have douchy friends? Are they into bad things? Do they distract you from school or home life? Parents can have lots of reasons for not liking certain friends-especially if they think they are a bad influence on you. If this is the case, you’re shit outta luck kid. Unless you can prove that you’re hanging out with saint’s who get straight A’s in all their honor classes your parents are probably saving you from a load of trouble!

Either way, I’m sure, at this point feels incredibly stifling to you. But remember this… it won’t be long until you’re an adult and not living under their roof. In the meantime, when reading isn’t cutting it…watch a movie. Get online and chat with your friends. Text them. Try to maintain contact so that you don’t feel so removed.

We’ve all been there A. You’re not alone.

Very truly yours,

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