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How do you find balance in writing and family life First initial: K
Good question K! PS. I really like your first initial.  
I am home three days a week writing and my kiddo is in school. Thus, I confine my writing time to school hours. That way when the kiddo’s home, I’m present with her-and really, by the time 4pm rolls around, I need to talk to an actual human being because I’ve been stuck inside my own head for the day! It works out really well for me.
I don’t put out a book a month like some, nor even a book a quarter, but this is because I strive for quality in my work (so it takes me a while) and I definitely know that come 4pm on my days home, I need to shut off the computer and spend time with the kiddo, and with the Hubs in the evening.
Thanks for writing in!
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