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I have a book releasing today, and I feel like I’ve done everything I’m able to- to spread the news.  I also feel like it isn’t enough. Yet, I can’t imagine what amount of buzz I could drum up would *ever* feel like enough. Thank you sincerely to all my Launch Team Members who’ve helped with the Jezebel release and fans who helped spread the word and ARC readers helping to get Jezebel in front of people/ readers!
There isn’t a road map to success.  It seems to be GREAT BOOK + TIME + LUCK.
​There’s a fine line between informative/ interesting and annoying/pushy, So I will keep this short… because I’m shouting in a crowded marketplace.
Thank you to everyone who has aided in the Jezebel release. You are rock stars. You are MY rock stars and I am so grateful to you all.
Oh and please join me tonight (the 5th) at 8pm on the ALL THINGS SCHMEXY group page for a mini release takeover- there are some amazing authors popping in and lots of free reads to be scored!
The official release party is June 11th – 6pm-10:30pm EST on the All Things Schmexy Group page- and there will be over $200 in prizes so come back again for some fun!

One thought on “JEZEBEL is….LIVE!

  1. Just finished “Jezebel”…. I NEVER saw that coming! I had suspicions about Nezebel, but never thought that would happen. Amazing! Great job!

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