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Glasses surprise!

How do you all feel about guys in glasses?

Personally, depending on the guy, glasses are hot! 
For instance, my hubs just had to get his very first pair and I admit- he looks so handsome in them! Love Love Love!

I’ve been wearing mine since sixth grade, with a short stint into the land of contacts that lasted from 19 until 25. After I had my daughter my eyes decided that they hated contacts so I very rarely wear them anymore! Did that happen to anyone else out there?

Also, what is with men and vests? Not the coat variety but the suit vest type. Holy hotness batman! The vest.I think all men should wear one at least once a week. I’m diggin’ the trend! Maybe I’ll buy the hubs one for Christmas and make him wear it! 

Saturday… my Amazon Fire Stick should arrive and I am all sorts of excited over this Bad Larry! I hope it’s as awesome as it promises to be…. what do you all use? Cable? Dish? Google TV? Chromecast? Roku? Boxee? 

amazon fire stick

Target 84 has a cover. <– see how I slid that in there all sneaky and what not? ha!

Do you all wanna see it? 
Comment and let me know!

One thought on “Glasses surprise!

  1. Yep, there’s that whole teaser thing! I’m done begging LOL Show it!

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