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Why I’ve gone Keto

I posted a picture in my reader group the other day and on Instagram. A lot of people have asked what Keto is so here’s a quick breakdown. I am NOT a nutritionist or doctor or any of that good stuff–so you know, talk to an expert first.

In the ketogenic diet, you restrict carbohydrates and moderate protein so your body uses a different energy system. Essentially you’re aiming to switch your body from burning carbs for energy to burning fat. But you eat a lot of fat too! I have found it awesome and not terribly hard to stick to given the foods I eat are delicious and keep me sated.
My sweet tooth has always been my biggest downfall, but there are fat bombs and keto desserts that I CAN eat and I think that’s been key in me sticking to this! Also, the scale continually goes…DOWN! 
In 3.5 months I’ve managed to lose 33lbs without adding exercise to my daily routine–YET. I mean, I write…so I’m not moving much. I will though. It needs to be added to the routine come springtime. But the pounds — to me — aren’t the big change. It’s the inches that have abandoned me. There is a physical difference.
Being in a state of ketosis isn’t magic. It’s a helpful tool, but it’s just one aspect of living a healthy life. If you switched from conventional oil for heat (carbs) to an energy efficient solar panel system (ketones) but your house is still a dilapidated piece of crap with no insulation, you’re not going to notice much of a difference living in it.
Thus, it’s important to remember that this way of eating is NOT about no carbs or sugar. It’s not just tracking MACROS (protein, fat, carbs)– although it is part of it. It’s about balance and moderation. Portion sizes and calorie deficits. But also, changing the way you view food, staying active and feeling good both outside and inside. It’s about stabilizing your blood sugar, lowering bad cholesterol and raising the good. There are numerous benefits of being in ketosis as well. It’s often a way of eating that helps diabetics greatly. The picture above was taken and sent to me while a friend was visiting…and I was mortified and disappointed with how I looked when I saw it. It was the next week that my Husband and I started Keto. That picture on the right… it was taken just the other morning.

If you’re curious what I eat, here’s one day worth of meals in photos!

Greek Egg Bake
Ground Lamb base, 8 eggs, grated cucumber, 1 plain greek yogurt, white vinegar, S&P to taste. We do it casserole style. I cut it into 8 servings and bag them so we have a breakfast all work week to grab and go.
Lunch is Tuna Salad over baby spinach. Or Egg Salad.
Dinner is varied nightly, but this pic is Pumpkin Carbonara! PS, this is DELICIOUS.
I generally have a dessert kicking around, the following is Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake made in my Instant Pot!
I did A TON of research before jumping in and I’m still researching. I want to know how it works and why and all that jazz. Some websites that helped me get going (because let’s face it, there’s a lot of science behind this endeavor) were:

For recipes I visit All Day I Dream About Food often!


We also have purchased and use Perfect Keto. We put it in our coffee. It tastes great and is really helpful to get you back into the swing of things if you mess up one day. And with the Holidays in full swing, it’s been great.  
Here are products that we keep in our kitchen that have been essential.

Now that you know all my secrets I’m off to finish writing The Best Friend! You can read the first chapter HERE

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Exciting updates!


I have some things to mention that you might be interested in…or not. Honestly, I’d love to be more exciting and interesting but I’m just a human. One who’s had a cold for the last week and whose creative juices are currently stymied by Dayquil delusions so bear with me and my momentary mediocrity.

ICYMI: The Brother is live! Wahoo! If you’ve already finished reading please skip over to Amazon and leave a review.  CLICK

The Tutor Audiobook is LIVE! Listen HERE I am so excited for you to be able to hear Nora’s words. The Brother is currently being narrated and should be available in November.

The Bloodlines Series AND the 30 Days Duet have NEW covers! I can’t wait to share them with you all but check my Facebook page next month and December to see them! If you’re in my group, you’ve already seen them and you know that I love to get down and dirty in there with my readers! Have you joined? JOIN me.

What is everyone doing for Halloween? Normally I tag along while my kiddo trick or treats, but, this year I’m going to stay home and hand out candy! I love seeing all the kids costumes. I might even dress the dogs up.

I’m part of an anthology in November called Rescue Tails. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to an animal shelter. My piece is called Dildog. I promise you will be entertained! This cause is near and dear to my heart as both my dogs are rescues.

Halloween Ker Dukey and I have a giveaway for you all so make sure you check out my Facebook page at some point that day!

I’ve ordered all the paperbacks and expect them to be in the mail to anyone who ordered a signed copy in November.

Happy Autumn!
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Helen from Imposter



            Snow floated in the air silently outside. Helen stared, momentarily-zoned out in the decent of the flakes.

Big fluffy flakes that barely weighed anything.  Sophie used to love playing in the snow, she thought, but long gone were the days of bundling Sophie in snow pants, boots, a hat and mittens. Gone was the moment of zipping up her coat all the way to her chin and patting her on the butt as she clumsily made her way out the front door. Helen clung tightly to the memories she had of her daughter. Even ten years later, she held out secret hope that her daughter was still alive. Helen carefully arranged a bouquet of thorny  red  roses in a vase.

Statistically speaking, Sophie was dead. Everyone told her so. The police, the center for missing children, other missing children’s parents from her support group. She knew that-but she always believed that a mother knew if her baby’s heart was still beating somewhere out there and Helen had never felt the loss of Sophie in the deepest recesses of her heart. She just felt she was still alive.

                        Not knowing was the worst. It let the nightmares in. The what if’s and the tortures of imagination could drive a person crazy, especially after a decade of unanswered questions, but Helen reminded herself daily that she had to be strong because- what if Sophie came home? If she showed up and Helen was in the looney bin with no safe home to return to- that would be the ultimate failure as a mother.


            “Hey,” Sam said. Helen glanced at the clock. Her husband arrived home just after five pm.  At fifty he was still handsome as ever. ‘Easy on the eyes’ as her mother had called him. Tall with an athletic build and a strong jaw but kind eyes. He kissed her cheeks and swatted her rear as he passed her on his way to the kitchen. He had swept Helen off her feet at twenty-three. She had loved that he was a responsible single father of a two year old son- it showed his character. He was attentive and romantic. He’d wooed her with flowers, compliments and simple moments of affection.

At twenty-four they married and by twenty-five, Cora was born. Those early years had been pure joy. Shane-four, and Cora just a newborn, had seemed to complete their lives. Sophie came four years later by accident. A happy surprise to Sam and Helen but Cora, then four and Shane, eight, weren’t quite as elated. In that first year with Sophie, there had been a lot of singing ‘you can’t always get what you want’ to the kids. Now, decades later, Cora and Shane loved to bring that song up and sing it back to Sam and her when the moment was right. Helen grinned at the thought.

            “Hi love. How was work?” she asked and followed him to the kitchen.

“Same as always. Me trying to get Dad to modernize- Dad refusing- me plotting his retirement.” Sam winked at her and rolled his eyes. She watched as he set a bouquet of flowers on the counter for her. She loved the way he left flowers for her in the evening when he came home from work.


Since before Helen knew him, Sam was on track to take over the family business. A business that over the years had amassed them quite a fortune. Sam’s father had promised to retire three years ago but was still working full time- much to Sam’s dismay. He had plans to bring the company more up-to-date. He wanted a technologically savvy company, not the archaic one his father started.

With her step-son Shane now twenty-five and living in Boston, and Cora, twenty one and renting in Portland, the house was eerily quiet. Empty nesters. They should still have had a child in their home for at least another year. But it was what it was. Helen spent her days volunteering at Park View Hospital while Sam spent his at work.

Each time Helen witnessed Shane and his father growing closer over the years, each time he went to a father daughter event with Cora, she found herself angry with him for not mourning the loss of having those very same moments with Sophie. Helen felt that pang of heartbreak with every rite of passage that came and went for Cora and Shane knowing that those moments were stolen from her youngest child.

The years had been hard on their marriage. They loved each other,  yes, but the loss of a child tore the fabric of their marriage over time leaving them distant. A gaping chasm that never seemed to shrink no matter how much counseling they endured together. Or maybe that was what all marriages were like after twenty-two years. Helen wasn’t naive.  She didn’t expect passion to be around every corner but she did wonder if she should feel a more certain closeness to her husband after all these years.

Everyone mourns the loss of a child differently. At least that is what the counselor had told them so long ago. Helen couldn’t help the resentment she felt toward Sam about the way he moved on. To her, she would never give up hope but Sam had long ago written Sophie off. He refused to even speak her name or take a chance on new leads that came over the years with her case after that first year she was gone. To save their marriage, Helen had adapted to his methods. She had Cora to think about. Cora was one of those souls who watched to see what she could do for others, someone who would rather serve in silence. A kind and generous person.

Her step-son Shane was a different beast altogether. He’d been unruly from the start. A difficult child and a destructive one. Helen attributed it to three things. The way his mother coddled him, the way his father, Sam, treated him more like a best friend than a parent and Sophie’s disappearance. Those three things seemed to shape him over the years into a handsome man who was always on edge and had a temper.

“What’s for dinner, love?” Sam asked. He held her hand, brushed his thumb over her knuckles and looked at her as if she were his entire world.

“I don’t know. I thought maybe we could go out,” Helen answered.

Sam smiled and nodded. “Sure. Let me change and we can head out. Any hankerings?”

“Mexican,” Helen said. Sam beamed at her. He loved Mexican food and she knew it would please him that she suggested it. No matter how strange their relationship was now, she still tried. And that was what mattered in the end right?

That they never stopped trying.

Sam leaned in and kissed her softly. His salty lips made her laugh. He was always snacking on salted peanuts on his drive home from work.

K. Larsen (subject to change)

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I moved!

Hey hey hey hey hey!!! 

Are you paying attention?!

I bought a house. I bought my very first house. 

I’m in love. (With the house and it’s progress)

I actually have an office. My very own OFFICE! With doors to close-away from the others in the house so I can write anytime! 

It’s not a writing cave, it’s more like a writing sanctuary. Because… it’s bright, and light, and soothing and…. well here are the two pictures I have of what’s unpacked so far…  my office and the living room!

IMG_20160621_212915 IMG_20160621_082232