Only Ever You

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Releasing June 5th.
Big Ginormous thanks to Cover Me Darling for this cover!


After a party gone wrong and in desperate need of money for the fall semester of college, twenty-year-old Nora Robertson needs to escape her hometown.
She accepts a summer long live-in tutoring job for a handsome man and his little sister at a secluded home deep in the mountains.
There is no running water.
No electricity.
No internet or cell service.
When her tutoring job ends she’s hit with a brutal turn of events … she’s not permitted to leave.
It’s a wild game of survival

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Loved Jezebel?

Hi there,
Writing from rainy Maine today.
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Another little tid bit…
The Tutor releases June 5th. There are preorder links
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Here is the feedback I am getting so far regarding The Tutor… makes me think that perhaps you Jezebel fans will really dig this one too!
“You know when you’re nervous/panicked and your mouth fills with saliva and yet your stomach drops and you feel like you can’t swallow?! THAT’S how I felt reading The Tutor. Like omg. So. Freaking. Incredible.”

“A fascinating portrait into the minds of the captor and captive.”- Leylah Attar

“Holy. Effing. Tits. It knocked my socks off. The Tutor was the craziest and the biggest mind-fuck I’ve read in a long while. Wow. An amazing, captivating, enrapturing story.”

“The Tutor weaves a romantic tale that will tip you upside down, and smack the love right out of you.”

“Every last word grips you. Mind blowing.”

“Love, Lies, Corruption, Sex, Longing, Lust, Secrets. It’s all in there”

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I used to ride a horse to school…

No. You did not read that wrong.

In middle school, a few friends and I rode horses to school every morning. We held reigns. We trotted. On our PRETEND horses. As in… there was no actual horse. Sometimes I wonder how I survived middle school at all.

Now in all fairness, one of said friends actually took riding lessons. But me? Nope. I did not. I just pretend trotted. I kept a ‘stable’ of horses, complete with names, in my closet. It was a thing. I mean sure I wasn’t the coolest kid in 6th grade but really, who is at that age?

Why am I telling you this?

We all do weird things. So fly your weird flag and be proud of who you are. I mean, I don’t still ride pretend horses when walking around but… it happened. And surprisingly there is a new movement…where kids are competing in stick horse events.

Don’t believe me? Check it!

A THING! hahahahaha

Ok so moving on… The Tutor is nearing release and it’s cover reveal. The Tutor is weird–just like me. Just like you. It will push boundaries. Make you think hard about love and what it is. What it means. It is gritty and edgy and at times raw.
It’s a little dark. It’s sexy. It’s suspenseful and thrilling.
In honor of its impending release, I am giving away a Signed Copy of The Marriage Pact and an Audible copy of Imposter!


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