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Exciting updates!


I have some things to mention that you might be interested in…or not. Honestly, I’d love to be more exciting and interesting but I’m just a human. One who’s had a cold for the last week and whose creative juices are currently stymied by Dayquil delusions so bear with me and my momentary mediocrity.

ICYMI: The Brother is live! Wahoo! If you’ve already finished reading please skip over to Amazon and leave a review.  CLICK

The Tutor Audiobook is LIVE! Listen HERE I am so excited for you to be able to hear Nora’s words. The Brother is currently being narrated and should be available in November.

The Bloodlines Series AND the 30 Days Duet have NEW covers! I can’t wait to share them with you all but check my Facebook page next month and December to see them! If you’re in my group, you’ve already seen them and you know that I love to get down and dirty in there with my readers! Have you joined? JOIN me.

What is everyone doing for Halloween? Normally I tag along while my kiddo trick or treats, but, this year I’m going to stay home and hand out candy! I love seeing all the kids costumes. I might even dress the dogs up.

I’m part of an anthology in November called Rescue Tails. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to an animal shelter. My piece is called Dildog. I promise you will be entertained! This cause is near and dear to my heart as both my dogs are rescues.

Halloween Ker Dukey and I have a giveaway for you all so make sure you check out my Facebook page at some point that day!

I’ve ordered all the paperbacks and expect them to be in the mail to anyone who ordered a signed copy in November.

Happy Autumn!
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The State of The Industry


Today I was full of self-doubt. I had a day that just made me question if there was a secret formula in this industry to being seen, to gaining exposure, to people finding my books and giving them a chance. I was feeling pretty negative about it all. I even chatted with a friend saying maybe it was time for a break from social media and marketing to just go back to writing– for no other reason than because it is what inspires me.

You know the type; the author who is a hermit. Live’s in a remote cabin somewhere with no internet and never attends signings.

This community is amazing. I value every part I’ve encountered thus far. It isn’t all easy though. It takes work. It takes time. It takes putting yourself out there day after day and hoping like hell that readers will find you, like you and then ultimately connect with you. It’s hard when you try to engage and get crickets chirping repeatedly.

Facebook is terrible at even showing the posts and there are just so many other sites to eat up one’s time.

Those authors who make a living off their writing- the ones with hundreds and thousands of reviews– work their asses off to attain that. It’s overwhelming at times trying to keep up with it all. Post here, there, everywhere. Reach out repeatedly to bloggers, readers. Push, push, push. Go, go, go. Hurry, hurry, hurry. 

But then THIS happens…. THIS happens on a day when I’m feeling slightly down on myself and the world magically clicks back into place. Sandie Morayla of Book Boyfriend Reviews had no idea what kind of mindset I was in today but she sent me the link to her review and THIS review made me tear up. (Actually- two dropped) . It was exactly what I needed–when I needed it.So read this review simply because of the time and effort Sandie put into it. And remember- writers are people too with lots on our plate just like everyone else in the world. Sometimes- we just need to have that ‘annual performance review’ confirming we are indeed good at our job and that we get to keep it. And hell, maybe we’ll get a cost of living raise thrown in.

That is all… carry on.


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Where Will You Be in June?

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Holla for Hump Day!

Hey all,

So what’s the good word? I feel like there is so much going on right now but it’s all jumbled in my head. I will bullet updates.

Jezebel aka Super Secret Project aka Super Secret Project that has a title… has a little taste of what’s to come here! CLICK ME


Bentley has secrets.
Bentley has secrets.

Target 84 also has a little bit you can read–for now… here. CLICK ME

Over the next freakin’ two weeks I will be travelling all over New England to make various Christmas celebrations happen so bear with me if I’m scarcely around. 

Target 84 could use ALL the support it can get so share this link to any and every one you can!!    THUNDERCLAP

Speak out!
Sharing is Caring!
I’m very excited to announce that I am starting a new job in January! It it right up my alley and thus far– everyone I’ve encountered at the company is super funny and nice. 

Before the release of Target 84– I will do a reader (note: not a blogger) giveaway for an ARC of the book so stay tuned!

Jezebel is still with a couple people but once I hear back from them– I will revise and then query for some NEW beta readers! Have you ever done that? Think you’d want too? Let me know!

I’ve been seriously addicted to Buzzfeed videos lately. Have you checked any out? They crack me up. I think I have a problem. Buzzfeed and Coffee are consuming me.

  1. I started working on the next book which really I think will end up being a serial! Possibly 4 parts all 75 pages at about .99 cents– title Addict B. 
What are you addicted to?
What are you addicted to?

2.         If you don’t know– RL Griffin has a book releasing in January. Razorblade Kisses. IT. IS. AMAZING. please add it to your TBR list HERE.

3.        Just a quick shout out to some authors I adore;

Ella James- you rock. Carey Heywood- I need one of your sweaters. RL Griffin- I can not wait to see you twice in 2015!!!! Kim Holden- I’m freaking out waiting to hear from you. Leylah Attar- I need more of your writing- please release something new! Trisha Wolfe- woman- you’ve taken me to a new level of personal awesomeness, I adore you. Heidi McLaughlin- you’re amazing and a wealth of knowledge–I’d be lost without you!



I made some mini trailers! FTR–I am a mini-anything addict. I love those minipots/pans, bowls, silverware, martini glasses– anything kitchen/dinner related- it’s a problem. There is no good use for those things but I NEED THEM. Need. Do you understand how dire it is folks? The Husbutt gives me the stink eye every single time we’re out and I pick something mini up and say–ISN’T THIS ADORABLE?! Yeah. Probably not getting anything mini for Christmas this year.

Feel free to share these if you want too!


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