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Biff Slapped

/\/\   that is not a typo. We adopted a new pup in January to give Doodles a friend. He was a stray street dog in Peurto Rico at six months old. Imagine his surprise being relocated to Maine!

Here is how that’s going.

Doodles is 6. He’s a beagle/basset mix (so awkward as fuck looking) and he is the best dog a girl could want. Until Biff. Yes, we named our new dog after Biff from Back to the Future. 🙂

Doodles is now suffering from a severe case of only child syndrome. Doodles is smart. Doodles is loyal. Doodles is chill. Doodles has been an only dog for too long apparently.

Point 1.

I give both Biff and Doodles rawhide bones to chew on. Doodles gently removes his from my hand like always and goes to lay down. Biff does the same. Doodles does not eat his bone. He watches Biff chew his. He quietly gets up and slowly, casually even, approaches Biff and gently removes Biff’s bone from his mouth. He then carries it back to his spot and drops it on the floor next to his bone. He lays down and ignores BOTH bones knowing they are securely out of reach from Biff.

Point 2.

Doodles will no longer eat from his bowl in the kitchen if Biff is in there eating. He doesn’t want to see Biff when he eats. He apparently has a no eye contact rule.

Point 3.

All Biff wants to do is whatever his older brother Doodles is doing and to play. If Doodles is on the couch sleeping, Biff must join him. He jumps up on the couch and snuggles right into Doodles awkward body to sleep. Doodles promptly jumps off the couch and into a chair where Biff can’t fit.

Point 4.

Instead of letting Biff know that he is doing something wrong. AKA chewing Daddy’s slipper. Doodles refuses to acknowledge Biff at all while in the act. I caught Doodles staring at the refrigerator unmoving while Biff destroys (insert any object really) right in front of his face. Doodles face says… No. I will not be a part of this. This is how one gets yelled at. By pretending you don’t exist, I will not get in trouble.

In short, my most loveable dog Doodles, is being a dick!

They play occasionally and there is no aggression between them. I don’t want PETA up my butt over this post. It is most closely relatable to an older sibling who is grievously irritated that their younger sibling exists. It is also worth mentioning that Doodles has like…no legs… so when they play Biff rears up and uses his front legs to bitch slap Doodles face. Hence, in our house, it’s now called being Biff slapped.


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