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Nice Butt

What’s shakin’?

I’ll tell you what’s shakin’ with this bacon…. The Marriage Pact is LIVE!
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This is Mara and my 3rd book co-authored together. It’s a great story based on a viral Reddit post. I really hope you consider picking it up and giving it a shot.

In the meantime- in true K form- I panicked at the grocery store. About Easter. I thought it was THIS Sunday. I half-assed it and bought the kids stuff for baskets I don’t have. I was like…well no biggie- I will just use bowls in the house. So I grab two bunnies, a bag of jelly beans and a bag of mini eggs and yellow grass.

(They are 12 and soon-to-be 11) ¬†They must be at the end stage of believing right? They’re just in it for the candy right? It’s not about the candy anyways RIGHT?!

Anyhow, I bring all the stuff home. I dig around for good bowls to put their sugar in and then look at the calendar. *facepalm*

Who else panicked for a moment there? Did I scare you? Were you like oh-shit-easter-is-this-sunday? No? Just me.

Do you have any idea what it is like to NOT eat Mini eggs that will be hanging around in your house for NINE DAYS? If those kids are lucky there will still be candy left for them to eat come the 16th because I have serious willpower issues when it comes to Mini eggs. Come on, they only come out once a year!

What is your guilty pleasure surrounding Easter?

Moving on…

On a side note, there is a video making the rounds…about a butt. Or not about the butt but includes the butt? Have you seen it? No? Well, let me enlighten you.

You can watch it HERE


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